DTH drilling – efficiency and flexibility

When you need to drill high quality holes with diameters between 100-254 mm, DTH (Down The Hole) drilling is by far the best and most effective method. DTH drilling can be performed in most types of rock, hard or soft. It's a commonly used method in the mining industry (blast hole drilling), waterwell drilling, construction, and in the oil and gas industry.

In DTH drilling, the drill string rotates while the drilling hammer continuously strikes down into the rock. Inside the hammer, a piston powered by compressed air gives the drill bit its striking power. This combined with the rotational movement means the rock is crushed in a very efficient manner.

Because the power transfer takes place down in the hole when the piston strikes directly at the bit – hence the drilling method’s name – there is minimal energy losses along the drill string and holes can be drilled down to 6,000 meters in depth. DTH is a reliable method that drills stable holes with exceptional straightness.

The method is also excellent both environmentally and socially because it produces far less noise and vibration than many other drilling methods, making it a widely used drilling method in cities and other populated areas.

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