Building on 500 years of world-class quality and traditions

Our roots draw on 500 years of tradition in the Swedish mining and industrial sectors, which is how Swedish steel has earned a worldwide reputation for high quality. With this background, Driconeq laid the foundation for its business through collaboration with some of the world’s leading metal companies.

Driconeq was founded 1995 in Sunne, Sweden. Our core business was to provide drilling equipment for water-well drilling, geothermal drilling, and blasthole drilling in quarries across Europe. The company quickly established itself in the market by increasing production capacity, as well as a commitment to focus on customer service. Over time, Driconeq also broadened its offerings to other drilling methods such as RC and rotary drilling, in addition to expanding its global footprint.

By 2000, Driconeq had grown to sell products worldwide, increasing its market share as the mining industry expanded and investment increased in geothermal energy. Towards the end of 2010, Driconeq had secured supply contracts with drilling equipment to companies such as Atlas Copco and Sandvik, while its ever-expanding network of distributors and global partners grew business in other avenues.

In 2018 Driconeq joined Mincon Group, an Irish engineering business specialising in the design, manufacture, and servicing of rock drilling systems. Joining Mincon was a natural fit for Driconeq: our world-class drill pipe and accessories would complement Mincon’s range of equipment, giving customers a complete, high-quality drill string solution regardless of their industry.

Today, Driconeq products can be found at drill sites around the world, where our customers continue to enjoy the benefits of our innovative, high-quality products that are manufactured at our factories in Sweden and South Africa.