Building on 500 years of world-class quality and traditions

Our roots are founded on 500 years of tradition in the Swedish mining and industrial activity, a history of world-class quality that has given Swedish steel a reputation for high quality all over the world. With this background Driconeq has laid the foundation for its business and collaboration with some of the world’s leading metal companies.

Driconeq was founded 1995 in Sunne, Sweden. The main business was the drilling equipment for water drilling, geothermal drilling and drilling in quarries, mainly in Europe. The company quickly acquired a stable position in the market by increasing production capacity, focus on service and customer commitment. Driconeq broadened its offerings to other drilling methods such as RC and rotary drilling and expanded the geographic market.

By 2000 Driconeq had grown to sell our products world-wide, increasing market share and growing quickly as the mining industry expanded strongly and investment in geothermal energy increased. Towards the end of the first decade of the 21st century Driconeq was supplying large amounts of drilling equipment to companies such as Atlas Copco and Sandvik, and an ever-expanding network of distributors and partners globally in all major mining regions.

Today Driconeq’s products can be found all over the world, as we have experienced a remarkable growth in our business.  In addition to our Swedish facility, we made added new companies to the group, so we are now present globally with factories in Sweden, South Africa and Australia, and a commercial presence on all continents through our own customer and technical service staff, trusted distributors, and partners in all major drilling and mining regions.  In 2012 we inaugurated a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Johannesburg, South Africa, and we are investing in Australia, South America, and other regions to continue our focus on being close to our customers’ operations.