About Driconeq

Experienced producer of drilling equipment supplying customers across the world

Driconeq develops, produces and distributes advanced drilling equipment for mining, water well drilling, construction and mineral extraction, among other applications. Wherever you need drilling equipment, Driconeq will help you find the solution that matches your specific requirements.

We have more than 40 years of experience in the business and over the years Driconeq has established a reliable process to provide customers all over the world with advanced drilling equipment. Over the years we have built up knowledge and experience that is unique in our field and which means that we can supply exactly the right drilling equipment that you need, when you need it. We will work in close co-operation with you to find the best and most competitive solution.

By considering all aspects of your assignment – in terms of geography, timetable and the drilling equipment already available – we will find the solution that maximizes your production and minimizes all the downtime.

We take great care to only use the highest quality steel in our production and we have therefore decided that we will only co-operate with some of the world’s most reliable steel suppliers.

The products we develop are used every day in nearly every part of the world and contribute to the development and improved efficiency of the drilling industry, no matter what requirements our customers have.