Drilling methods

Drilling – a technique with many applications

Drilling is an activity that humans have used for a long, long time. We know that the Egyptians were drilling in stone around 5,000 years ago. The Chinese drilled for oil in 300 AD.

To make straight, deep and stable holes in land and rock, drilling is quite clearly the best technique. There are several drilling methods you can use to get underground – and Driconeq supplies equipment for most of these methods.

Drilling into rock is performed to extract oil, heat, water and other natural materials deep underground, but you might also drill holes to build tunnels or lay pipes and cables. Since these structures can be several kilometers deep and long depending on what method is used, drilling offers great opportunities.

Drilling is an exceptional alternative for laying pipes and cables in cities and densely populated areas where trenching, digging and exploding rock would be too expensive, noisy and extensive. Without creating major disturbances, a drilling operation can be performed from the same start and finish hole by drilling down into the earth.

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