Drilling equipment

Drill pipes

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A drill pipe is a high-strength steel pipe used in drilling. Depending on the drilling method and purpose of drilling, pipes come in different thickness and lengths, with the most common lengths being 3-10 meters. Drill pipes are joined together one by one as the drill progresses deeper into the bedrock. Together, the pipes form a drill string, which can extend several kilometers down into the ground.

Each drill pipe consists of three parts welded together, a central portion and two end pieces. The end piece contains either a male (“pin”) or a female (“box”) thread, which permits interconnection of two drill pipes. The entire drill string is subjected to extremely high loads during drilling, and the thread is always the most critical part in each pipe. If for any reason the male and female thread do not fit exactly into each other, the thread will most probably break and you will lose your entire drill string.

Driconeq focuses on this critical point. We have the experience and knowledge to customize your drill pipe to match the conditions you are drilling in. Our end pieces are manufactured in a high-quality steel which is then tempered to achieve a superior durability. Our technique extends the thread’s lifespan by over 50% compared with steel grade 4140 that is frequently used.

Drilling accessories

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In a drilling operation you need more than drill pipes to obtain a complete drill string, from the drilling rig to the drill bit. The construction of a drill string varies depending on the drilling method used, requirements on hole quality and the ground conditions.

Regardless of which drilling method you use, or what accessories you need, Driconeq will customise a complete solution for you. Our accessories have the same high quality as our drill pipes, so we can ensure maximum life for your entire drill string. Our meticulous production and delivery processes ensure that each part fits with the next, providing a reliable complete solution tailored to your wishes.